Bank of America Mortgage Victims


Court Documents Changed

Facebook post by Eric Duran

“Fighting a foreclosure against us thru Countrywide, BofA and Fannie Mae. Have been to court approx 2 times on this unlawful detainer.  Received judgment for defendants (us) and were waiting for the fannie mae team to file a quiet title.  Our defense is based on this quiet title.  Received a letter from the court saying this decision has been reversed this month after we originally won.  We were very shocked because all of the info regarding our case has changed.  It says we were present for a court case that was cancelled, dates were changed without our knowledge, and we had a court date on the 23rd of February but was cancelled because the judge ruled against us.  It was an appeal!  How can we appeal if he doesn’t let us show up?  So many blatant violations of judicial conduct not to mention he is going against appellate case law!  All they can say at the court clerk’s office is “I just work here”!

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