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Articles « Bank of America Mortgage Victims
Bank of America Mortgage Victims


Court Documents Changed

Facebook post by Eric Duran

“Fighting a foreclosure against us thru Countrywide, BofA and Fannie Mae. Have been to court approx 2 times on this unlawful detainer.  Received judgment for defendants (us) and were waiting for the fannie mae team to file a quiet title.  Our defense is based on this quiet title.  Received a letter from the court saying this decision has been reversed this month after we originally won.  We were very shocked because all of the info regarding our case has changed.  It says we were present for a court case that was cancelled, dates were changed without our knowledge, and we had a court date on the 23rd of February but was cancelled because the judge ruled against us.  It was an appeal!  How can we appeal if he doesn’t let us show up?  So many blatant violations of judicial conduct not to mention he is going against appellate case law!  All they can say at the court clerk’s office is “I just work here”!

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Banks support Romney. That alone makes me vote for Obama.

Bank of America Paid Bonuses to Forclose

Police step up presence for Bank of America’s annual meeting

6/19/2013:  I googled ‘Bank of America protest’ and all sorts of things happened this week that I missed.


“Banks overwhelmingly support Romney… The contributions are the tip of what observers say will be the most expensive presidential race on record, and the first in which corporations are not limited in what they can spend.  “…we’ve definitely seen the financial services industry publicly chastise the president for going after financial reform.”


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Bank of America Silencing Victims

Bank of America is making it difficult to investigate or prosecutethem for fraudulent practices. Arizona’s Attorney General, while conducting follow-up interviews on borrower complaints was made aware that the bank was quietly working to modify questionable loans, and requiring homeowners to sign non-disclosure agreements in return.


Bank of America Corp. is impeding an investigation of its loan modification practices by negotiating settlements with borrowers who must agree to keep them secret and not criticize the bank in exchange for cash payments and loan relief, Arizona officials say.

The Arizona Attorney General’s office is asking a court to block those aspects of the settlements and require the bank to turn over all the agreements. The bank denies any wrongdoing.

One 2011 accord involving a borrower facing foreclosure who defaulted on a $253,142 mortgage included a $5,000 payment, plus $7,500 for legal fees, and the defaulted payments were waived and the loan was modified to a 40-year term with a 2 percent interest rate, court documents show. The terms of the original loan and the borrower’s complaint about the lender weren’t described in the documents.

The borrower “will remove and delete any online statements regarding this dispute, including, without limitation, postings on Facebook, Twitter and similar websites,” and not make any statements “that defame, disparage or in any way criticize” the bank’s reputation, practices or conduct, according to documents filed in state court in Phoenix. The borrower’s name and address were redacted.

A spokesman for Wells Fargo, the largest mortgage lender, said that bank also has a similar practice that also requires “a confidentiality and/or a non-disparagement agreement as part of the settlement.”

A state judge has been asked to order Bank of America to notify those who signed confidentiality and non-disparagement provisions that they do not need to abide by them when speaking to the Attorney General.

The case is Arizona v. Countrywide Financial Corp. CV2010-033580, Arizona Superior Court, Maricopa County (Phoenix).

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FROM FACEBOOK GROUP ‘Bank of America Sucks”

“After signing our final mod one year ago making the first payment we were kicked out of the mod for no reason well we were given 3 or 4 but they change it everytime we disprove them. The last was the best tho! Angel Hall told me that everyone gets they final papers sent to them whether they are approved or not! Realy? I’m so sick of these people and their lies!”

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Bank of America Mortgage Victims

Bank of America Mortgage Victims is a new site being created for people who have a story to tell about their mortgage problems with Bank of America and need moral support and a place to tell their story.  The first step in solving your problems is to contact the State Attorney’s Office.  (Or so I heard.  I’ve since learned they don’t do anything either.)

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